Extra-Curriculum – We Nurture Creativity

Apart from academics there are a stream of extra-curricular activities undertaken to encourage and promote hidden potentials and talents.


The school provides opportunities for both the boys and girls to boost up dance skills and coaches for classical dances are allocated and consistent train up sessions are monitored.


Karate training and practice sessions are implemented that enables the students to improve their physical and mental health


The school offers excellent coaches to develop the student initiatives and sports skills.


In our school, we regularly offer less formal drama sessions that allow students to perform their improvised pieces and nurtures creativity and spontaneity in actions.

Effacing the diversity

The school provides a cosmopolitan ecumenical multi-cultural atmosphere. The school encompasses students belonging to different states, countries, originated from different social, economic and political backgrounds. The school institutionalizes and promotes unity among different class of children.

Pertinacious Concern

The school offers utmost care to each individual and tries to make them comfortable and provides a home like environment.

  • Kindergarten activities : Dolls day, Shapes day, Animals day, Flowers day, Colour months, rhymes day, etc.,
  • Primary Class Activities: Storytelling day, face make-over, fancy dress, etc.,
  • Other activities: Medical camps, birthday celebrations, students and parents awareness programme, etc.,

Exquisite Faculties and Teaching Approach

The school has a keen contemplation regarding the allocation of teachers and ensures that each and every teacher has a passion for teaching and skills to empower teaching into the minds of young children. In our school we have prodigious teachers who take individual care and attend to the problems of the students. Our teachers adopt friendly and easy going approach to assist the students and improve the children’s skills.

Newsletters to Parents

Parents are constantly updated regarding their child’s progress both in terms of academics and extra-curriculum. Any events or camps conducted in school are informed prior to the parents and the school encourages the participation and involvement of parents in school activities. Assessment for each child concerning their areas of improvement, interaction with others and physical fitness are created and analyzed to continuously monitor the child.